Yug Rusi at a Glance

Yug Rusi today:

Yug Rusi Group was established in 1992 by the Russian entrepreneur Sergei Kislov. Since that time Yug Rusi has worked its way up from a small firm engaged in supplies of flour to CIS countries to one of the most powerful agricultural holdings in Russia with turnover nearly 2 billion USD. Yug Rusi builds its activities following the concept of vertical integration of all processes: from growing and processing of agricultural raw materials to sales and distribution of final products, in particular – through its own distribution network.

Nowadays Yug Rusi is a leading manufacturer of a large variety of branded grocery products in Russia. Distribution system of the Group is one the most developed in the country. It involves nearly 400 partners being the most dynamic trade companies in their regions. The core business of the holding is the production of vegetable oil. Ten oil production plants of Yug Rusi located in Russia (among them one of the largest plants in Europe – the Rostov oil extraction plant) and Kazakhstan manufacture such well-recognized brands as “Zolotaya Semechka”, “Avedov”, “Zlato”, “Milora”, “Khozyayushka”, “Leto”, etc. Their cumulative share makes over 30% in the Russian bottled vegetable oil market, and over 20% in the Kazakhstan one. Yug Rusi is not only a national leader in production of this product but also a major exporter of bottled vegetable oil, bulk vegetable oil, sunflower meal, fuel husk pellets in Russia. The Group is among the largest domestic grain exporters.

Yug Rusi Group comprises 19 agricultural enterprises in the Rostov region, Krasnodar territory and Volgograd region with the total area of farmlands nearly 200 thousand hectares.

Logistics infrastructure of Yug Rusi includes a branched network of 27 elevators, commercial vehicles fleet, sea port terminals situated on the Don River, in water area of the Azov Sea, near the Kerch Strait.

Flour produced by several milling complexes of Yug Rusi is intended for free sale and use in making bakery products at the Yug Rusi bakery plant – the largest enterprise of the bread-making industry in the Rostov region.

Besides, Yug Rusi manufactures a wide range of branded mayonnaises, canned vegetables, groats, fruit and berries juices and other foodstuff.

One of the areas of Yug Rusi Group activities is maintenance and development of the Don horse-breeding. Being a member of the Group the horse-breeding farm named after Budyonny S.M. is engaged in breeding of the Russian Don and the Budyonny riding horses. The Rostov hippodrome, which is also included in the Group, is an acknowledged national center for horses’ trials. It was twice honored with a right to host the Russian President’s Cup horse racing.