1992 г. - Yug Rusi Company was established as a production of flour and flour exporting business by Sergei Kislov.

1996 г. - Launch of the 1st private grain and seed export facility on the Don River with direct access to sea.

1999 г. - Launch of Russia’s first private oil processing plant – Yug Rusi Rostov (processing capacity of 1,000 tons per day, refining capacity of 200 tons per day).

2000 г. - Launch of the first oil refining and bottling line. Introduction of “Zolotaya Semechka” brand to the market– the product meets significant customer demand.

2001 г. - Commencement of crop cultivation business by acquiring lands in the Rostov region.


2005 г. - Launch of new processing plant (MEZ 3000) in Rostov (total processing capacity reaches 3,300 tons per day).

2006 г. - Acquisition of oil extraction plants from Rusagro, the largest competitor in the market (boosts aggregate processing capacity to 6,420 tons per day).


2009 г. - Bottled vegetable oil market share reaches 32.6%. According to a 2009 poll "People's Brand", "Golden Seed" was recognized as the top choice for Russian consumers.

2010 г. - Over 3 billion bottles produced and sold since the launch of production.

2011 г.- Acquisition of the Russian assets of WJ Group including Valuysky and Chernyansky vegetable oil plants in the Belgorod region.

2012 г.  - Launching of the unique for Russia agricultural Internet platform agrо2b.ru, combining special social network service, trading system for agribusiness resources and information and analysis block. Yug Rusi Group celebrated its 20th anniversary from the date of foundation.

2014 г. - Acquisition of oil-extraction plant in Aktobe, Kazakhstan.