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Efficient procurement is the most important component of our business. So, we estimate that the cost of crude sunflower oil is for 80% attributed to the price of raw materials. The distinctly and professionally organized procurement system, which we have managed to establish during 18 years of our activity on the market, is a significant success driver.

Plants and 25 elevators owned by «Yug Rusi» are located in the epicenter of the oilseeds production area as well as in the main grain crops regions of Russia. This factor plus the own motor vehicle fleet (more than 350 trucks) allow us to achieve the maximum efficiency expressed in logistical terms of our procurement.

We have established the good partnership relations with thousands of the farmers in various regions of our procurement. We consistently suggest them high the level of servicing and optimum conditions of our cooperation.

The procurement scope includes the widest spectrum of various agricultural products: sunflower seeds, crude vegetable oil, oil-bearing flax, soy, grain maize, wheat, feed barley, sunflower cake, beet pulp etc.


More detailed information about the conditions and opportunities suggested to the farmers by our Procurement Service is available at the following addresses:

Branch «Yug Rusi Agro» of LLC "MEZ Yug Rusi": 344 037, Rostov-on-Don, 8 Tolstogo sq., Phone: +7 (863) 262-28-01, 261-88-38, e-mail: [email protected]

Territorially autonomous subdivision (“TAS”) «Yug Rusi Center»: 396 250, Voronezh region, Anna, 1 Lenin str., Phone: +7 (473 46) 2 23 51, 2 50 37, e-mail: [email protected]

TAS «Yug Rusi Krasnodar»: 350 059, Krasnodar territory, Krasnodar, 5, Tichoretskaya str., phone: +7 (861) 219-29-91, 219-29-87, e-mail: [email protected]

TAS «Yug Rusi Stavropol»: 355 017, Stavropol, Business Center, 219, Lenina str., phone: +7 (8652) 37-28-03, 37-28-05, e-mail: [email protected]

Economically autonomous subdivision "MEZ Yug Rusi" LLC, Volgograd City: 400131, Volgograd, 2a, М.Balonin str., phone: +7 (442) 26-40-22, 26-40-23, 26-40-24, e-mail: [email protected]