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Group of Companies Yug Rusi is the large-scale agricultural producer. It includes various farms in the Rostov and Volgograd Regions as well as in the Krasnodar Territory with total area of farmlands approximately 200 thousand hectares.

In the early 2000s these farms were included into GC Yug Rusi as bankrupts. Application of the new up-to-date farm machinery, plant protecting agents, introduction of various advanced agricultural technologies and an effective system of the agricultural management have allowed us to make the agricultural sector effective and profitable.

At our farms we cultivate about 280 thousand tons of wheat annually. For example, this volume will be enough for feeding with bread a one-million people city during three years. Grain crop harvested by the Companys farms completely satisfies the demand in raw materials of our bakery division. Besides, we cultivate sunflower, soya, oil-bearing flax, rape and other arable crops.