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Bottled vegetable oil is one of the main lines of business of Yug Rusi Group. For today, Yug Rusi is an undisputed leader on the Russian bottled vegetable oil market. The company reached this position due to the consistent product quality and balanced portfolio of well stablished brands, where every customer can find a product that matches their tastes and income.

AVEDOV vegetable oil

«Avedov»  - benchmark of quality since 1898.

Vegetable oils of “Avedov” trade mark unite traditions of quality and exquisite taste. The oil is subjected to 7 stages of refining and continuous quality control. The oil is designated for those who value high quality in food products. In addition, a carefully thought-out square bottle shape is ideal for storage and transportation. 

Zolotaya Semechka vegetable oil

«Zolotaya Semechka» is the best choice for home cooking. “Zolotaya Semechka” was one of the pioneers on the Russian market. Over a period covering 15 years of existence, the trade mark “Zolotaya Semechka” has come to stay in goods baskets of the majority of Russian consumers. Every second inhabitant in Russia buys “Zolotaya Semechka” oil*. Yug Rusi is constantly improving production technologies and intensifies product quality control, and thereby the Company’s products continue to get quality labels. Trade mark “Zolotaya Semechka” became a laureate of the “Trade Mark No.1 in Russia” Award in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2011 and 2014. Today, under the trade mark “Zolotaya Semechka” we produce high-quality refined and unrefined sunflower oil that provides a wide range of healthy food for the whole family. The variety of package types makes it possible to use the favorite oil both at home and when out in the country. Take care of you family health with “Zolotaya Semechka” oil! *As reported by the own analytics of Branch "Torgoviy Dom Yug Rusi" LLC "MEZ Yug Rusi".

ZLATO vegetable oil

«Zlato»- OIL MADE FROM LARGE SEEDS! Oil under the trade mark “Zlato” is produced only from selected sunflower seeds, young corn germs and high-quality crude olive oil (Extra Virgin). “Zlato” oil is the best way to surprise and please your near and dear ones with delicious and tasty food. The variety of packages can provide for any scale of your culinary art. Create together with oil “Zlato”!

Milora vegetable oil

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Yug Rusivegetable oil

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Sto Retseptov vegetable oil

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Anninskoye vegetable oil

The best quality at a favorable price! We make sure that all consumers on the Russian market are supplied with high-quality products, therefore we offer universal sunflower oil in convenient packages of all kinds – 0.9 and 5 litres at the most favorable prices under trademarks: “Anninskoye”, “Verkino Maslo”, “Razdolye”“Yuzhnoye Solntse”, “Solnechniy Rai”. Under the trade marks “Anninskoye” and “Verkino Maslo”, we produce rapeseed oil and sunflower-rapeseed oil, which is ideal for frying and also for cooking fish and seafood.

Solnechniy rai vegetable oil
Yuzhnoye solntse vegetable oil
Verkino Maslo vegetable oil
Razdolye vegetable oil



Grocery produced by Yug Rusi Group satisfies the highest requirements and possesses excellent qualities. One of the Company’s business lines to be developed is diversification of grocery products with consistent quality control.



Yug Rusi Group has several milling complexes in Rostov Region. They produce baker's flour for different purposes manufactured from grain grown by the Company's farms.

Own-produced flour of high quality completely satisfies the needs of the bakery plant Yug Rusi, the largest in the region. Packed flour is offered for free sale under “Yug Rusi” and “Sto Retseptov” trademarks.

Sto Retseptov flourSto Retseptov flour


Apart from flour, Yug Rusi manufactures groats under their own trade mark “Sto Retzeptov”. The product line includes a wide selection of groats: corn grits, wheat grits, buckwheat groats, pearl barley groats, manna croup etc.

Sto Retseptov packed groats


Canned vegetables

Canning complex of Yug Rusi Group in Labinsk (Krasnodar Territory) offers more than 30 positions of natural, ecologically pure fruit and vegetable canned foods under “Sto Retseptov” trade mark.

Green peas, paste from boiled vegetable marrows, different vegetable pickles, mixes, juices and nectars – this is only a small part of those produced at the enterprise. To manufacture our products we use only ecologically pure raw materials, grown on the Kuban black earth being for a long time justly named the “pearl” of agro-industrial complex of Russia!


Other canned products

Apart from canned vegetables, the Company manufactures other typed of canned products. In 2014, Yug Rusi launched the production of a popular Russian canned product – beef stew and pork stew under own trade mark “Sto Retseptov”.


Sto Retseptov grocery products


Sunflower Seeds

Yug Rusi produces and supplies the market with packed fried sunflower seeds under the trade mark “Yadrenye”. Bright design, modern package, high eating qualities, interesting facts from the “seeds life” on every package will make the best to provide the consumer with much better and tastier leisure time!


Yadrenye fried sunflower seeds. Technical conditions TU


Mayonnaises and mayonnaise sauces produced by OJSC MZhK Krasnodarskiy combine the traditions of quality and variety of tastes. Thanks to its balanced structure, mayonnaises and mayonnaise sauce perfectly match traditional dishes of Russian and European cuisine adding sophisticated and delicate taste.

Mayonnaise and mayonnaise sauce “Avedov”

AVEDOV mayonnaise

Mayonnaise “Avedov” - taste of natural mayonnaise familiar from childhood! Sunflower oil for mayonnaise and mayonnaise sauce “Avedov” are made at Krasnodarskiy oil-and-fat integrated factory which combines age-old traditions and up-to-date equipment. Here, oil undergoes 7 levels of cleaning, which helps to preserve all substances that are good for health.

Provencal mayonnaise

Mayonnaise “PROVENCAL” is one of the numerous grades of exquisite French sauce which differs from other types of mayonnaises by the most balanced and harmonious taste. Softness and tenderness of texture, delicate flavor and aroma, pleasant spice and oiliness make mayonnaise “PROVENCAL” an essential product in every kitchen.

Vkusnaya pochta mayonnaise

Mayonnaise sauce “Vkusnaya pochta”: tasty dressing for a good housewife!

This well-known low-calorie product of Krasnodarskiy MZhK sticks in memory not only due to an original package design styled to an envelope but also high quality traditional to the products of the enterprise. The basis of the mayonnaise receipt is vegetable oil of high quality.

 Vegetable-based sauces

NOVELTY!! Since December 2014, we are planning the production of vegetable-based sauces under “Avedov” trademark. “Avedov” sauces are all-purpose sauces which differ from other grades by ultimately balanced and harmonious taste. The flavors are: mushroom, creamy-garlic, cheese, tartar, mustard. Soft and tender texture, delicate flavor, savory and pleasant spice of these sauces are very good for salads, baking and just for a sandwich.

Contact telephone number in the sales department of “mayonnaise”: (861) 219-29-10