Canned products

Canned vegetables

Canning complex of Yug Rusi Group in Labinsk (Krasnodar Territory) offers more than 30 positions of natural, ecologically pure fruit and vegetable canned foods under Sto Retseptov trade mark.

Green peas, paste from boiled vegetable marrows, different vegetable pickles, mixes, juices and nectars this is only a small part of those produced at the enterprise. To manufacture our products we use only ecologically pure raw materials, grown on the Kuban black earth being for a long time justly named the pearl of agro-industrial complex of Russia!


Other canned products

Apart from canned vegetables, the Company manufactures other typed of canned products. In 2014, Yug Rusi launched the production of a popular Russian canned product beef stew and pork stew under own trade mark Sto Retseptov.


Sto Retseptov grocery products