Mayonnaises and mayonnaise sauces produced by OJSC MZhK Krasnodarskiy combine the traditions of quality and variety of tastes. Thanks to its balanced structure, mayonnaises and mayonnaise sauce perfectly match traditional dishes of Russian and European cuisine adding sophisticated and delicate taste.

Mayonnaise and mayonnaise sauce Avedov

AVEDOV mayonnaise

Mayonnaise Avedov - taste of natural mayonnaise familiar from childhood! Sunflower oil for mayonnaise and mayonnaise sauce Avedov are made at Krasnodarskiy oil-and-fat integrated factory which combines age-old traditions and up-to-date equipment. Here, oil undergoes 7 levels of cleaning, which helps to preserve all substances that are good for health.

Provencal mayonnaise

Mayonnaise PROVENCAL is one of the numerous grades of exquisite French sauce which differs from other types of mayonnaises by the most balanced and harmonious taste. Softness and tenderness of texture, delicate flavor and aroma, pleasant spice and oiliness make mayonnaise PROVENCAL an essential product in every kitchen.

Vkusnaya pochta mayonnaise

Mayonnaise sauce Vkusnaya pochta: tasty dressing for a good housewife!

This well-known low-calorie product of Krasnodarskiy MZhK sticks in memory not only due to an original package design styled to an envelope but also high quality traditional to the products of the enterprise. The basis of the mayonnaise receipt is vegetable oil of high quality.