Don people respect and love bread, they are good at baking it. The Ministry of Agriculture of Rostov region have decided to see the skills of the regions bakers and organized testing of bread and bakery products.
This time Estestvenniy otbor (eng. Natural Selection) chose for its shopping cart 5 well-known oils: Zolotaya Semechka, Sloboda, Oleina, Blago and Mister Riko.First, the oils were tested by regular customers.
The Cup was held among best half-bred horses of 3 years and older.
On the 10th of September Group of Companies Yug Rusi hosted a conference for the key business partners that supply the Group with agriproducts.
Sergey Kislov took part in the meeting of Indian and Russian businessmen
On the 1st of June Sergey Kislov attended the meeting of the President of Russia and the Prime Minister of Republic of India with CEOs of Russian and Indian companies.
Group of Companies Yug Rusi  general partner of the II All-Russian Food Security Forum
Yug Rusi acted as the general partner of II All-Russian Food Security Forum held on 27-28 April.
Yug Rusi Group of Companies - general partner of the II All-Russian Forum of Food Safety
April 27-28 in Rostov-on-Don, the II All-Russian Forum of Food Safety will take place, which will bring together the key agricultural regions of Russia, the leaders of the domestic food industry and related industries.
Focus on fat and oil industry
On April 20, Dmitry Kislov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Yug Rusi Group of Companies, took part in a meeting headed by the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev.
In embrace of the spring and French song
The annual regional festival of the French language and culture Days of Francophonie, which is held with the support of Honorary Consul in the South of Russia Sergey Kislov, is coming to its end.
Group of Companies Yug Rusi  General Partner of Oilseed, Oil and Fat Conference in Moscow.
Group of Companies Yug Rusi, leader of the Russian bottled vegetable oil market, is the general partner of the Conference.
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