President of Yug Rusi Group of Companies was presented the prestigious award Entrepreneur of the Year.
In opinion of the Don people, the best quality in the category Vegetable oil has our oil Zolotaya semechka.
This year this status was awarded to the President of Agro-Industrial Union of Russia, President of Yug Rusi Group of Companies Sergey Vasilyevich Kislov.
LLC MEZ Yug Rusi the largest enterprise of the Don
The Speaker of the Federal Council has highlighted the importance of a reliable barrier for law quality imported products and creation of conditions for free access of the consumers to true information about the quality, content and shelf life of products. GMO was also the key topic of statement made by S.V. Kislov.
Yug Rusi has celebrated its 20 years anniversary!
A function was held on 20the anniversary of our companys creation on November 15 in general assembly hall of the administration building at Rostov production site of Yug Rusi.
On the ninth of October before celebrating Day of Farmer and Processing Industry the head of agricultural department of Russia Nikolay Vasilyevich Fyodorov took part in meeting of Board of All-Russian Agro-Industrial Association of Employers and their activists as well as representatives of Agro-Industrial Union of Russia.
Based on the sum total of all parameters Zlato was chosen the winner of the program Zolotaya semechka.
Yug Rusi  innovations center
Before the beginning of the meeting the head of the government D.A. Medvedev together with the governor of Rostov region Vasiliy Yuryevich Golubev and president of Yug Rusi Group of Companies Sergey Vasilyevich Kislov visited Oil Extraction Plant Yug Rusi Rostov.
Developing cooperation with EBRD
Our company has a history of long and efficient cooperation with this financial institution which resulted in a number of major investment projects financed by EBRD.
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