25/03/2016 - Unrefined vegetable oil from Rostov region was acknowledged as top quality product

Unrefined vegetable oil from Rostov region was acknowledged as top quality productThe Russian Quality System conducted a large-scale rotating research of unrefined sunflower oil. According to research results unrefined Golden Seed and Yug Rusi oil, produced by LLC MEZ Yug Rusi, meet strict requirements imposed by the Russian Quality System on potential recipients of the Russian Quality Certification mark. It is noted in the published research results that products of the Rostov holding company Yug Rusi were close to upper limits of the Russian Quality System requirements. In Yug Rusi we take special care so that our oil would preserve all set of useful qualities including unique natural antioxidants and an optimum composition that gives energy to cells. And in case with unrefined oil we always take care so that it preserves that unique aroma which millions of people love since their childhood and which adds unique flavour to boiled potatoes, fresh salads, vinaigrettes and many other dishes forming the basis of the Russian cuisine said Sergey Kamenetsky, the deputy General Manager for Development of LLC Zolotaya Semechka. It should be noted that refined Golden Seed oil is also very popular in Russia and far beyond its frontiers. Once again this product was awarded with the Product of Year 2015 prize, and in March, 2016 it gained the greatest credence among the consumers who participated in research for the purpose of the Sample purchase programme on Channel One.