09/10/2016 - Golden Autumn for Yug Rusi

Golden Autumn for Yug RusiFrom October 5 to October 8, the 18th Agricultural Exhibition Golden Autumn-2016 took place within the premises of All-Russian Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy in Moscow. MEZ Yug Rusi LLC and bakery plant Khlebozavod Yug Rusi LLC actively participated in the exhibition Golden Autumn presenting their products at the Rostov region joint stand. In four days of work, over 300 thousand people attended the exhibition: nearly 110 thousand people visited the expositions in pavilions and approximately 200 thousand people visited open areas including the National Cultures Festival. The Golden Autumn-2016 exhibition is the main industry event not only by the number of exhibitors and visitors but also by the volume of contracts and agreements entered into within its framework. This year at the exhibition regional representatives signed at least 60 agreements for the total amount of approximately 200 billion rubles. Rostov farmers in particular concluded agreements for the total amount exceeding 20 billion rubles. The countrys main agrarian exhibition also included a competitive programme. In total, the results of 19 industrial competitions were summed up during Golden Autumn-2016. The best entities and employees of agro-industrial complex were awarded for their achievements in the production of high-quality food. Yug Rusi oil extraction plant received a diploma and a gold medal for three types of oil: refined deodorized frozen sunflower oil Zlato, Golden Seed, unrefined sunflower oil of the first grade Golden Seed. The product made by Yug Rusi bakery plant a long-term storage fruitcake with candied fruit and raisins was awarded a silver medal.