12/10/2016 - Golden Seed sunflower oil receives a quality mark of honour!

Golden Seed sunflower oil receives a quality mark of honour!Yug Rusi oil extraction plant again received a quality mark Made in Don Land. Such topical issues as assurance of goods and services quality, as well as new ways for rendering legal assistance to consumers were discussed within the framework of the event. The conference was opened by an expert platform dedicated to the development of the Voluntary Certification System Made in Don Land. The first one to present a report on the results of the project implementation was Alexander Grebenshchikov, the First Deputy Governor of Rostov region. On completion of the experts meeting, the Deputy Governor of Rostov region made a decision to organise joint working meetings with representatives of the whole complex certification system chain. At the end of the first part of the event Don Land producers that had completed the voluntary certification were officially awarded the mark Made in Don Land. Yug Rusi oil extraction plant was among them.