22/10/2018 - Consumer votes for Golden Seed

Consumer votes for Golden SeedAt the Conference the results of 10 years work since the implementation of Don consumers rights protection program were discussed. Regional Conference Protection of Consumers Rights in Rostov region was held on October 18 in League of Nations Business Centre where the jubilee of the date of implementation of the like-named program of the regional Department of Consumer Market was celebrated. Rostov was the first Russian region to adopt comprehensive program for consumer rights protection. According to the results of the 10 years program implementation the expertise of Rostov region was considered to be best practices. As of today every second consumer knows how to protect their rights and where to refer any matter of their rights protection. Our region has everything required for it, i.e. public reception offices, dedicated website where you can ask a question, raise a claim or take educational courses on consumer right basics, says Director of Consumer Market Department in Rostov region Irina Telarova.