29/11/2018 - Yug Rusi Bakery plant holder of Made in Don Land conformity mark

Yug Rusi Bakery plant  holder of Made in Don Land conformity markAt the official ceremony held on November 29 in DonExpoCentre, Governor Vasilii Golubev congratulated representatives of Don region companies with regional quality marks and the fifth anniversary of the Don region Voluntary Certification System. Among such companies was LLC Khlebozavod Yug Rusi. The Governor reminded that one of the main objectives of the Certification System is to provide guidance to the consumer given the variety of products offered. Products marked Made in Don Land should have absolute trust of consumers and serve as quality benchmark. This idea is the corner stone of the Don region Certification System and I am certain that we are on the right path. We will keep supporting the companies that are already a part of the System and those only planning the certification, said Vasilii Golubev. The conformance certificates were granted to Yug Rusi bakers for such bakery products as curd vatrushka (patty), curd and raspberry jam vatrushka, cherry pie Yug Rusi, apple pie Yug Rusi, and small pies with apple, black currant, strawberry, apricot and cherry filling, sliced loaf Classic of top grade wheat flour, sliced loaf Yug Rusi, loaf of top grade wheat flour, sliced loaf, bread of top grade wheat flour, hearth-baked bread of top grade, sliced hearth-baked bread of first grade flour. The Voluntary Certification System Made in Don Land was launched in 2013 at the initiative of the Rostov region Governor Vasilii Golubev. At the same time the procedure for application of the System conformance mark that serves as an additional quality assurance for the product certified under the System was set. The companies that undergo the certification take up the obligation to comply with the requirements set in the Application Regulations and Application Procedure of the Made in Don Land conformity mark. The conformity mark is not assigned merely based on the companys geographical location but only to the companies that comply with the strictest quality requirements and standards and those that have gained the acknowledgement and trust of the wide variety of consumers.