22/02/2019 - Yug Rusi celebrated Defenders of the Motherland

Yug Rusi celebrated Defenders of the MotherlandBefore the official ceremony the audience watched a film made especially for the occasion that showed episodes and photos from personal files of the Group employees telling about their army services. The attendees could also visit a book exhibition dedicated to war fiction, memoirs of war heroes and Russian Army history. The celebration was attended by representatives of the Regional Public Organization of Peacekeepers. They presented commemorative awards “For Army Service”. Heads of the Group companies congratulated the audience. Founder of Yug Rusi Sergey Kislov noted: “Many of our employees have heroically protected our Motherland in different years. Today they are just as devoted to their work with us. We are proud to have them in our team.” In celebration of Motherland Defender Day about two hundred employees of the Group were awarded Certificates of Merit and money rewards.

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