06/03/2019 - Third time Made in Don Land

Third time Made in Don LandOil produced by Rostov-on-Don oil extraction plant Yug Rusi under brand Golden Seed (Zolotaya Semechka) again has received the mark of voluntary certification Made in Don Land. The mark was awarded on the 6th of March at the oil extraction plant Yug Rusi and confirmed that the product of the famous Don brand has stable high quality. It should be noted that the voluntary certification Made in Don Land has very strict product quality and competitiveness standards. The requirements of the certification include a number of parameters such as product composition, raw stock, marking, packaging and many others, therefore the company that is awarded such mark indeed produces high quality products that deserve consumer trust. Brand Golden Seed has a long history as it was launched back in 2000 and was the first Russian trademark of international quality level that at the same time was affordable for general Russian population. For almost 18 years this product, local to the Don Land, remains popular among millions of families inside and outside Russia. Today we can see that the history itself has proved that the voluntary certification system launched by the Governor of Rostov region Vasilii Golubev Made in Don Land has been successfully working, noted Founder of Yug Rusi Group Sergey Kislov. - Positive image of the Don Land facilitates promotion of Rostov region products in the Russian and international markets as well as loyalty of people from different countries to such famous Don brands as Golden Seed. This is definitely an example of successful synergy between the region and its local manufacturers.