16/05/2019 - Best practice sharing at farms of AgroSoyuz Yug Rusi

Best practice sharing at farms of AgroSoyuz Yug RusiThis visit was organized by French Plant Research Institute ARVALIS. Since 1959 the Institute scrutinizes grain crops, corn, sorghum, potatoes, forage crops, cotton, tobacco and various farming systems. At LLC Novosergiyevskoye the French delegates could learn the grain crops production process applied in the South of the Russian Federation. In France the farm fields have standard area of about 200-300 ha, while our farms produce crops on fields with area 10 times bigger, therefore learning how to manage such vast territories was of big interest for the guests. General Director of LLC AgroSoyuz Yug Rusi V.A. Demin in detail explained the process of crop production, answered the question about grains growing technologies and fertilizers. Agronomists of AgroSoyuz Yug Rusi showed pea, wheat and sunflower fields as well as the equipment used for planting and harvesting operations. Special attention was paid to arrangement of logistics, acceptance, storage and export of grains.

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