31/05/2019 - Horses as national treasure

Horses as national treasureAt the end of May Rostov region held a number of meetings where horse-breeding matters were discussed. One of the meetings took place at Rostov Hippodrome on May, 31. The round table was attended by Deputy Commander of French Republican Guards Cavalry Gabriel Cortès, representative of Chamber of Industry and Commerce of France Nicolas Ducret, General Director of RZ Agro Group Stéphane Mac Farlane, representatives of Horse-Breeding Department of Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Rostov region, heads of LLC Rostovskiy Ippodrom, LLC Konniy zavod Donskoy, LLC AgroSoyuz Yug Rusi, Branch Stud Farm Konniy zavod im. S.M. Budennogo, LLC Agrofirma Tselina, and OJSC Konniy zavod imeni Pervoy Konnoy Armii. Before the round table the dressage tests of the breeders’ stallions took place. Stud Farm Konniy zavod im. S.M. Budennogo brought horses of Don and Budenniy breeds. The Don breed horses Brosok, Radon, Izdatel and Budenny breed horses Debutant, Gabarit, Blues and Set represent the lines of horses that made the Stud Farm famous. Their forefathers won numerous Olympic horse tournaments. Pale golden-red stallion Set is the Absolute Champion of exhibitions Equiforum, Gold of Russia, Hipposphere, and Gold of Steppes. Stallions Gabarit and Blues have outstanding performing capabilities. Stéphane Mac Farlane noted, “Horses bred in Rostov region are the national treasure. Stud farms should engage more in selection and breeding of horses.”

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