28/06/2019 - Yug Rusi first oil production plant turned 20!

Yug Rusi first oil production plant turned 20!Yug Rusi first oil production plant turned 20! On June 28, 2019 Yug Rusi celebrated the twentieth anniversary of commissioning of their first oil production plant. Back in 1999 it was a state-of-the-art plant with daily processing capacity of 1000 tons of oilseeds that was launched in Rostov-on-Don. Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation supervising the development of the Agribusiness sector Aleksey Vasilievich Gordeev noted the importance of this launch for the Russian processing and agricultural industries. Among other things it started the process of import substitution in the Russian vegetable oil sector and made the sector one of the leaders of the Russian non-commodities export. Yug Rusi is a key partner for thousands of farmers who supply oilseeds. Today further development of supplies to the global market is essential for meeting the performance objectives contemplated in the Federal Project Agribusiness Product Export. During the reception held for the employees of the enterprise the veterans and worker of the plant were celebrated. Honored employees were awarded certificates of merit and letters of appreciation from the Governor and Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Rostov region.

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