14/09/2019 - Birthday karavai for Rostov-on-Don!

Birthday karavai for Rostov-on-Don!The Don combine-makers that in 2019 celebrated the 90th birthday of their plant asked Rostov bread-makers to bake for the City Day a round loaf also known as karavai. And this was not a simple karavai but a record-breaking one. It took 750 kg of top grade flour, 18 kg of yeasts, 75 kg of sugar, 24 liters of milk, 24 kg of margarine, almost a kilogram of vanillin, and 1,200 eggs. All these ingredients were skillfully combined by the experts of the bakery plant and baked into a karavai at the temperature of 180-190. The five-tier karavai with diameter of over 3.7 meters, height of over 1.5 meter and weight of over a tonne was thereafter presented to the public. The weight of the loaf put it into the Russian Book of Records as a world record. Here at Yug Rusi Bakery Plant we love baking tasty and eye-filling karavais, says Production Head of Yug Rusi Bakery Plant, located at Lugovaya street, Olga Gaivoronskaia. Just following a recipe is not enough to bake a karavai; it is a true art with roots deep in the past. The Southern and Eastern Slavs baked this festive bread long before adoption of Christianity. For centuries it has been a true symbol of prosperity and abundance both at weddings and at meeting dear guests. Year 2019 is special for us, notes Business Development Director of Yug Rusi Bakery Plant Dmitri Kislov. Not only it is the year of the 270th birthday of our city, but the 15th anniversary of our production site in Lugovaya street that will be celebrated in October. Therefore, baking of this karavai was a double joy for our bakers. Lugovaya production site is a modern enterprise of Yug Rusi Group that is furnished with the equipment of the top manufacturers of the bread-making industry and combines state-of-the-art technologies and traditions. This year, for example, the plant offered Easter cakes baked using an old recipe. And today a new achievement a record-breaking karavai. Guests could taste this baked masterpiece on Sunday, September 14, at the central stage of the Revolution Park where the celebration of the City Day took place. Anyone could try a piece of this truly unique cake baked on the occasion of Rostov-on-Don birthday.