30/09/2019 - 117th Racing Season at Rostov Hippodrome has culminated

117th Racing Season at Rostov Hippodrome has culminatedThe last Sunday of September in Rostov-on-Don was warm and windless, and the atmosphere at the stalls of Rostov Hippodrome and on the race track was truly heated. The best horses of Russia from major award-winning stud farms and private horse owners took part in the event. Winner of the first race for Osenniy prize on the distance of 1,600 m among 2-year-old mares was light-chestnut mare Batistana Star from Donskoy farm stud. 2-year-old mares and stallions participated in the second race for the South of Russia Big Prize on the distance of 1,600 meters. The spectators watched the horses that this year have shown excellent results at different hippodromes of Russia. Stallion Flaming Line won the First Crown Prize in Nalchik, chestnut mare Letnyaya Noch performed admirably at the Moscow Hippodrome, and light-chestnut stallion Metropole is prize-winner of Jockey-Club at the Moscow Hippodrome. But all these big-name competitors were beaten by chestnut stallion Rushing Dream (Family Farm Bondarenko S.V.). Milers’ Cup of the South of Russia for 3-year-old and older horses of pure breed on the distance of 1,600 m won chestnut stallion Bernard Bars that competed under the first number (Individual Entrepreneur, Head of Family Farm Barsuk T.L.). Chestnut stallion Adalin, privately owned by Kubashichev A.Sh., won the prize of Grand Criterium of the South of Russia. During the whole season this stallion performed at prize-winning level on the distance of 1,000 meters at the hippodromes of Krasnodar, Rostov, and Nalchik. The fifth race for the Fragrant Prize with the biggest prize fund of six million rubles won chestnut stallion born in 2013 Knyaz Yusupov. Throughout the race the main competitors were Mimino, Almanakh, and Golden Soul. Even the chestnut stallion Centurion who won Prize of the President of Russia this year at Moscow Hippodrome could not catch up with these three for the most part of the distance and outran them only on the homestretch. However he did not manage to keep this position and beat stallion Knyaz Yusupov (Autonomous Non-profit Organization Sport and Technical Club Timerkhan, master trainer Lyakhov A.A.) that showed 100% of his capabilities by the end of the distance and snatched the victory from Centurion and other competitors. Among these competitors stallion Knyaz Yusupov was the most experienced, he has a collection of four prizes on long distance races. The winner of the race for Prize of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna for 3-year-old thoroughtbred mares at the distance of 2,000 meters was chestnut mare Craft Lay (OJSC Konny zavod Volgogradskiy). She covered with calmness and confidence both 500 meters distances and showed the best result. The attention of the spectators was locked on the hard-fought battle on the racecourse during the race for the Prize of Ataman M.I. Platov (Derby of the South of Russia) for 3-year-old thoroughtbred horses. Almost all the time Diamond Link (privately owned by Kudaev Kh.B, Bitokov M.A.) led the race while other competitors followed behind. At the finish line the battle became more intense; the horses would spurt into the lead and then would lose the leading positions. At the end red stallion Stay Fest (LLC Pervy Skakovoy Sindikat) was the first one to cover the distance of 2,400 meters. Dark chestnut stallion Yarkiy Pegas (Family Farm Krasnokutskiy Yu. V.) as if on actual wings was the first to cover another distance of 2,400 meters for thoroughtbred horses of 4 years and older in the race for the Cup of the South of Russia. In the competition for prize Osenniy (Group II) for 2-year-old thoroughbred horses on the distance of 1,600 meters the best result was demonstrated by dark chestnut stallion Tibor (LLC Konniy zavod Donskoy). Another horse of Konniy zavod Donskoy – chestnut mare Melanta - won the Southern Russia Star prize. At this race on the distance of 1,800 meters the main struggle evolved between the mares of stud farm Konniy zavod Donskoy and stud farm Malkinskiy. Red stallion Nardin won Zakrytiye prize race where he was the first on the distance of 1,800 meters (LLC Pervy Skakovoy Sindikat). Culmination of the day was steeple-chase race for the prize of Southern Federal District. The winner of this event was thoroughbred mare Diva Moya (Family Farm Pshenichny A.A.). The highlight of the day was hats contest among ladies. Fancy images of the horse race female attendees have brightened up the event. The winners were awarded prizes provided by the general sponsor of the 117th racing season Yug Rusi Group and by the sponsors of the 11th Race Meeting of the South of Russia.

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