12/10/2019 - Yug Rusi Bakery Plant celebrates its 15th anniversary!

Yug Rusi Bakery Plant celebrates its 15th anniversary!On this day we commissioned a bakery plant that had no rivals in Donland. The bakery was provided with cutting-edge European equipment and its products immediately became popular among consumers. During 15 years of its operation the plant has manufactured over 70,000 tons of products. Recently, to the 270th anniversary of the city of Rostov-on-Don our bakers baked a five-tier round loaf, called karavai, with a diameter over 3.7 m, height of 1.5 m and weight of more than a ton. The karavai was officially recognized as the largest in the world and the bakery was awarded a diploma from the Russian Book of Records. Earlier this year, as we approached Easter, Yug Rusi bakery plant baked Easter cakes following the 19th-century recipe. However, the plant not only venerates traditions but also keeps a close eye on the up-to-date healthy food trends and acts as a trend-setter. Yug Rusi bakery plant offers a range of breads containing a whole bunch of nutrient-rich cereals and seeds: rye, oat, wheat, and corn. These breads are supplemented with linseeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, baked with love and care and delivered to the shelves. Such breads will boost your energy and invigorate you any time of a day: after fitness, in the morning before work or over a family dinner. Though, traditional long loaves made by Yug Rusi bakery also remain in high demand among Rostov people. This is our most popular product that you can encounter on a shelf of any Rostov grocery store. And the list could go on. Our long loaves, multi-grain breads and finger-licking baked goods - biscuits, cakes, pies and more than 100 other items – are supplied far beyond the boundaries of Rostov region. – Our mission is to provide our consumers with tasty, healthy and affordable products. And recent 15 years have demonstrated that personnel of Yug Rusi bakery plant has been successful in this regard, – mentioned Dmitry Kislov, Bakery’s Director of Development. At a solemn meeting the most prominent employees of Yug Rusi bakery plant were honored with recognition letters from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Rostov region and with other awards for their distinguished and significant labor.

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